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  1. Jessica

    Yes, there is a real problem with agsverise girls today in schools. I teach in a small, well run school that tries to maintain discipline as well as we can. We still have problems. We have had probably three times as many fights between girls as we do between boys. Girls absolutely will not let a grudge go. We also have just as many other discipline problems with girls as we do with boys. Their language can be just as obscene as any boy. As to sexual agression, many of them seem to take joy out of deliberately intimidating boys in a sexual manner.So yes, this problem needs to be addressed. Just bear in mind it was caused by a bunch of pinheads (mainly liberals) who have a vested interest in perpetuating the programs and attitudes that have caused this problem. However I still want to emphasize that for every kid (male or female) we have who is causing problems, we still have several out there who are very active in doing something good, whether it is a project that they love, or some sort of community service, or just being helpful and nice to other people. We just need to work at providing proper guidance and examples to all of them. Keeping the professional ‘victims advocates’ away from them will help alsoBert


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